At WILDLIFE SA our mission is rescuing and rehabilitating
sick, ​injured and orphaned Native Wildlife, and where possible
returning them back to their homes in the wild. 
In some cases however this is not possible, and in these instances we provide
permanent homes either with ourselves, other carers or other rescue groups. 

We also rescue abandoned, displaced and orphaned introduced animals.
We endeavour to educate the public in ways they can live in harmony with wildlife,
                                              such as providing nest boxes for wildlife on your property, wildlife friendly gardens,
                                                wildlife friendly fencing, giving educational talks to groups and redirecting them to other
                                               organisations that may be able to provide a service that better suits their needs.
 We receive no financial help from the government or any other groups
and so for a long time we  have been completely self sufficient. 
To enable us to expand and continue our important work we have set up our
Not for Profit charity,
  By doing this, it will allow us, not only to be able to help more animals ourselves,
  but enable us to support other similar charities and self funded carers.
                         But we need YOUR help! 

On average it costs around $1000 to raise a kangaroo joey.
This does not include additional veterinary costs associated if the joey becomes ill
or other expenses incurred when it is an adult.    

 Your valuable donation will pay for  essential items and services such as: 
Animal call outs, specific animal formula bedding pouches, hanging bags and stands, fruit & veg, dry feed, veterinary bills, aviaries, materials for building enclosures and compounds as well as the general day